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Available for freelance work in 2022

(513) 703 9505


twitter: @DLind

I'm currently freelancing and actively looking for opportunities to write for new places. I have a bunch of ideas of various sizes that need homes, and I am more than eager to talk to any editor who's looking to strengthen their immigration coverage in 2022 to see how we can collaborate. I am also available for reporting and analysis projects outside the immigration beat (with a preference for stories about policy and the people it affects), depending on the content, outlet, and scope.  There are no dumb questions. Shoot me an email.

How to send me tips

Signal/WhatsApp: +15137039505

Secure email: dara.lind@protonmail.com

If you know something about the immigration system that you think I should know, I'd love to hear it. If you work in the immigration system (or are personally affected by it), I'd love to hear from you — whether or not you think you have something particularly interesting to tell me. I assume every tip I get is confidential unless you and I agree otherwise. 

My Work

"The Weeds," Vox Media (2017-)

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ProPublica, 2019-2021

Author page including all articles here.

Vox.com, 2014-2019

Author page including all articles here.

Literary Representation

David Patterson, Stuart Krichevsky Agency

Speaking Appearance Representation

Ha, I don't have one, but just email me — I love public speaking and my rates are reasonable.