Yes, He Also Got the Looks In the Family. What’s Your Point?

29 May

Originally posted at Iqra’i.

Another Reason Why I Couldn’t Be a Conservative (a Very Occasional Series):

My brother is 16 years old and has always been the most selfless person I know.

I’m serious. When he started accumulating piggybank money in kindergarten he spent weeks trying to persuade Mom to let him open the piggybank and go door to door in a poor neighborhood and give some to the person who answered the door at each house.

He’s somewhat more practical now; now he wants to be an elementary school teacher or learn agricultural science so he can train farmers in developing countries. (This is also the kid whose leisure reading last year included Berkeley, Kierkegaard and Hume, just so you have some perspective.)

I try to tell him that everyone I know in teaching or grassroots nonprofit work spends most of their time feeling like they’re hitting their heads against a wall, but there are only so many times I can say that without feeling like a total heel.

So when I see posts like this that are so dismissive of public service, I have to wonder: what can you do when you realize your worldview forces you to be dismissive of someone who is genuinely good?

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